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We will be using the myK9Q program at our April 27/28 trial!

This program is an addon APP to the Trial Secretary's program.

It will allow Exhibitors to Check-In online.

The Gatekeepers will be able to manage their Gates using it and the Judges/Timers will be able to Score each dog live.

But wait, there's more! After each dog has completed their run, the Handler can go back to the APP and see their Preliminary Placement, LIVE!

Below are instructions so those that are entered in our Trial can set up the App on their cellphone or tablet a head of time and practice with it.

There's one set of instructions on installing the app and additional instructions for using it as an Exhibitor, Gatekeep and Timers/Judges. 

The Passcode for Exhibitors is printed in the instructions.  Gatekeeper and Timers/Judges will need to get the Passcode from Terri Botsford (   

Click here for instructions on installing the myK9Q App.

Click here for instructions for Exhibitors

Click here for instructions for Gatekeepers

Click here for instructions for Judges/Timers. 

The data in the APP right now is just a partial list of Exhibitors and the list of Judges by class is not correct.  This is only for practice so don't panic if you don't see your dog in the list.  Friday evening the whole list of dogs and handlers will be updated.  Until then, you can practice checking in using whatever dog you would like. 

Any questions or problems, please email Terri Botsford (   

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