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About SOTC

The Syracuse Obedience Training Club, Inc. is an AKC-licensed obedience club and a New York State-registered 501(c)3 educational corporation (organized not-for-profit).   Learn more

Founded in 1960, the club has nearly 300 members who have earned advanced titles in many dog sports.

Our officers, instructors, and other key workers are all volunteers.

We conduct business, offer obedience classes, and hold events at our training facility located at 6392 Deere Road in Syracuse, near Carrier Circle.

News & Reminders

Crate Removal

Crates of members not entered in the event must be removed  from the training area (taken home or stored in garage) by end of classes on:

  • Wednesday January 15 (Sheltie trial)

  • Wednesday January 29 (SOTC obed trial)

  • Wednesday  February 19 (SOTC agility trial)

  • Thursday March 5 (SOTC Flyball tournament)

Membership Renewals

Annual membership renewals are due January 1. For more information visit the Members Only area.

Just Posted

1/7/20: The January newsletter  has been posted to the Newsletters page of the Members Only area.  The next GM meeting will be Monday January 13 at 7pm.

12/16/19: The premium for the February 1-2 obedience/rally trial has been posted to the Shows & Seminars page. Entries close  Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

12/14/19: The premium for the February 21-23 agility trial has been posted to the Shows & Seminars page. Entries open Wednesday, December 18, 2019 and close Friday, February 7, 2020.

11/15/19:  A flier and registration info for an upcoming seminar with Chris Zink ( February 15-17) have been posted to the Shows & Seminars page. 

    Officers & Board 2019-2020


    Karen Vanderburgh

    Vice President 

    Pamela Renock


    Sue Taylor

    Corresponding Secretary 

    Kathy Mosher

    Recording Secretary 

    Rachel Putnam

    Training Director 

    Kathy Helmke

    Directors 2021 

    Suzanne Eaton, Lisa Hanley,  Heather Lane

    Directors 2020 

    Teri Botsford, Colleen Clemett, Kelly  Mueller

    Objects of the Club

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    (SOTC Inc. Constitution Art. 1 sec. 2)

    1.  To promote the sport of dog obedience.

    2.  To disseminate knowledge regarding obedience training.

    3.  To conduct classes for the training of handlers and their dogs.

    4.  To encourage the training of judges.

    5. To encourage and cooperate with individuals and other groups with similar purposes.

    6.  To hold and support obedience trials, tracking tests, exhibitions, and matches under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

    7.  To promote cooperation and good sportsmanship among its members in the training and exhibition of dogs.

    Copyright 2019

    The Syracuse Obedience Training Club, Inc. 

    PO Box 3457 Syracuse NY 13220-3457

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