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   Established 1960



Anyone who wants to become a member of SOTC must fulfill two requirements.

The first requirement demonstrates your interest in training. Candidates must either have earned an obedience or agility title, or have completed a training class with us.

The second requirement demonstrates your interest in the Club. Candidates must attend 5 of our monthly General Membership meetings within an 18-month period:

  • At the 1st & 2nd meetings, sign in as a guest. You may want to bring a chair. Meetings normally run for about an hour. Guests will be asked to introduce themselves and say something about their dogs.

  • At the 3rd meeting, sign in as a guest and request an application form from the Membership Chair (or download one). Find three sponsors, either from the meeting or from your training class, to sign your application.

  • At the 4th meeting, sign in as a guest and give your application and fee to the Membership Chair. Your application will be read to the members by one of your sponsors or the Membership Chair.

  • At the 5th meeting, sign in as a guest and let the Membership Chair know you are present. Your application will be voted on. Three-fourths of the members present and voting must approve your application. You must be present for this vote.

Why does it take so long? We want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. The Club cannot function without members who can devote time to us by working at our trials and other events, by teaching or doing administrative work, or by attending General Membership meetings to vote on Club business.

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Membership Levels & Annual Fees

Regular (voting adult):  $35

Junior (8-16 years old):  $5

Associate (nonvoting adult):  $17.50

Family memberships:  $15 for each additional Regular member, $7.50 for each additional Associate member

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Benefits of Membership

Regular & Junior members

  • Reduced fees and priority registration for classes and seminars

  • Eligibility for annual Club awards

Regular members only

  • Building-access privileges, including Open Training
  • Access to the Club's library of books and DVDs
  • Eligibility to earn points (via teaching or other activities), which may be used for classes
  • Voting and holding office

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Membership is a privilege, and SOTC is a working club. To remain a Regular (voting) member in good standing, you must have all your financial obligations to the club up-to-date (dues, library fees, class payments, etc.). To be eligible for annual Club awards, you must be a Regular member in good standing as defined above, and you must have attended a minimum of three General Membership meetings and have volunteered at one Club event during the previous year.

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