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Directions to 6392 Deere Road

From the Thruway: Take Exit 35. At Carrier Circle, take 2nd exit onto Rt. 298 W. Turn left onto Deere Rd. (4th building on left).

From N. Midler: Turn right onto Court Street Rd., then left onto Deere Rd. (2nd building on right).

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Parking & Finding the Entrance

There are two driveways leading off Deere Road, one on either side of the building. You may park and enter on either side, though most of the parking is on the left. For a parking map, go to the Location page.

  • If you use the driveway to the left of the building, you may park on either side of the driveway. Use the entrance near the cluster of mailboxes, up a short short flight of stairs. Go down the hallway past the vending machines and through the double doors on your left.
  • If you use the driveway to the right of the building, you may park only on "our" side of the driveway. Do not park next to the other building,  or in the large lot between our building and Court Street Road. Use the entrance near the Handicapped Parking sign toward the rear of the building, around the corner from the overhead garage door.

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Restrooms & Waste Stations

Restrooms are off the hallway near the vending machines. The potty area for dogs is the grassy space near the garage entrance.

Please, clean up after your dog! There are waste stations located at both main entrances.

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What to Bring to Class

Wear comfortable clothes (jeans, sweats) and rubber-soled flat shoes (no flip-flops, open-toed sandals or heels). Your instructor will discuss with you what kind of collar will work best for your dog. We usually recommend a flat-buckle collar and 4-foot leash.

Bring lots of small, soft treats — something your dog can swallow quickly without stopping to chew or chase crumbs. You may bring a water dish for your dog and fill it at the water cooler.

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Working with Your Instructor

You will be given your instructor’s phone number and/or e-mail address.

Feel free to ask questions during class. If you need more help, talk to your instructor after class or make arrangements to call/e-mail.

In the event of a class cancellation due to an emergency or bad weather, your instructor will e-mail or call you. (Be sure that we have your contact info.) If you are in doubt about the weather and cannot reach your instructor, stay home; we’ll catch you up the following week.

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Handling Your Dog

Potty your dog using the grassy area near the garage entrance. Pick up afterwards and dispose of the waste in the garbage can near the entrance. If your dog has an accident inside, there are paper towels, plastic bags and spray bottles at each ring.

Your dog must be on leash at all times unless he is crated or in the ring under your instructor's supervision.

If you wish to crate your dog, you may use one of the marked guest crates or bring your own (you must take it home at the end of class). Please do not use members’ crates.

Do not allow your dog to sniff other dogs. Not every dog is as friendly as yours!

Do not allow your dog (or your children!) to play on the agility equipment.

Do not bring un-enrolled dogs into the building.

If your female dog is in season, you may not bring her into the building, but you should still come to watch the lesson.

If your dog is a barker, you must correct him every time. Your instructor will show you how.

If your dog tends to snap, lunge, or pick fights (with dogs or people), you must stop that behavior. Dogs deemed dangerous or uncontrollable will be excused from classes, and fees paid will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Please do not substitute handlers for your dog without your instructor's permission.

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We wish you success!

Give your dog a big hug after class for a job well done!

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