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Membership renewals for the coming year are due January 1. You may start renewing (and paying) on December 1. If we have not received payment by March 1, your membership WILL lapse.

How to Renew (starting December 1)

  • Log in with your email address and password. If you don't know how to log in, go to the HELP page.
  • Go to your MY PROFILE page and click the RENEW button. 
  • To pay with a credit card, click the PAY ONLINE button.
  • To pay with a check or money order, click the INVOICE ME button, and mail a check (payable to SOTC, Inc.) to:

SOTC Membership Renewals

PO Box 3457

Syracuse NY 13220-3457

Write the invoice number and “membership dues” on the check.

Please, please, please: Do not try to renew by simply dropping cash or a check into the cashbox at the building. It may not be picked up or credited to your account in time to prevent your membership from lapsing.

Questions? Need help? Contact the Membership Manager, Kathy Mosher (SOTCmbrmgr@gmail.com)

About Associate Membership

If you are a Regular member but do not anticipate being active in the club in the coming year, please consider helping us by switching to Associate membership when you renew.

Why would we ask this?

To conduct business at our meetings, we need a quorum – 10 percent of our Regular (i.e. voting) members for a General Membership meeting, 20 percent for a Special meeting. The more Regular members we have on the rolls, the more people we need at a meeting to make a quorum. We sometimes have trouble getting those attendance numbers, meaning that it's a wasted meeting: we can't vote or conduct any other business.

To address the problem, the AKC recommends that we ask our inactive Regular members (those who have not attended a GM meeting in some time) to consider switching to Associate membership. Associates are non-voting members and so are not counted for purposes of determining a quorum.

What is Associate membership?

  • Per SOTC’s Constitution & Bylaws (art I sec. 1): “Associate membership shall be open to any regular or junior member of SOTC who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and SOTC but who is no longer training with the Club. Associate members shall not hold office or vote.”
  • Per SOTC’s Working Policy (part II sec. 2): “Associate members shall receive all club mailings and have access to the electronic member areas. They shall not have any other privileges of Regular membership including, but not limited to, receiving annual awards, voting and holding office. They will not receive member rates or reduced fees in any instance where Regular members receive a price break.”

How do you switch to Associate membership?

Regular members (individuals as well as families) can make the switch to Associate status on-line at renewal time.

  • Log in and go to your MY PROFILE page.
  • Under MEMBERSHIP DETAILS, find the Membership level line and click the Change link.
  • At the next screen,  select Associate individual (if your current  level is  Regular individual) or Associate Family of 2 (if your current level is Regular Family of 2) and click NEXT.
  • At the next screen, click  UPDATE AND NEXT, and proceed with the renewal.
If you have a family membership and wish to change the status of only one member, contact the Membership Manager for help.

How do you become a Regular member again?

  • Bring it to a General Membership meeting to be voted on. You do NOT need to go through the 5-meeting process again! Bring your check for the difference between Regular and Associate dues.

Is Associate membership right for you?

Associate membership is a way of putting your membership, and its benefits, on hold. In terms of benefits, Associates are essentially non-members. They may not do anything that someone from the general public wouldn’t be allowed to do, like keep a crate at the building, have a key, open-train, teach, use points, or receive priority admission and discounted fees for classes and seminars. If you wish to use these benefits, then Associate membership is not for you!

We understand that meeting attendance is not the only measure of “being active in the club.” Some members cannot attend meetings at night but still teach, work trials, or take classes/open-train during the day. But if you have moved out of the area, are not currently training a dog, or are simply not using the benefits of Regular membership, please think about switching to Associate status – at least for now. You can easily switch back later.

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