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CLASSES Resuming  in July

We plan to reopen for a limited number of classes the week of July 6.  In order to keep our instructors and students as safe as possible from COVID-19, the following safety measures will be in place.

Safety Guidelines for Resuming Classes

Crowding and congestion will be reduced by measures to include:
  • Smaller classes (maximum 6 students)
  • No drop-in classes (to facilitate contact tracing)
  • Fewer classes per night (only 3 of 5  rings/training rooms to be in use at once)
  • Staggered start times for classes, more time between classes
  • More space between rings, separate entrance/exit gates for each ring
  • Guest crates have been removed (non-members needing crates must carry in/carry out)
  • Designated parking and entrance/exit paths for different classes 

In addition:

  • Everyone must wear a mask or other face-covering over the nose and mouth while in the facility
  • No open training during classes, no lingering before or after class
  • Students and instructors must formally attest to their health status and agree to observe all safety-related guidelines 
  • If a student is accompanied by a friend or family member, the person may watch from ringside, but must sign in, attest to their health status, and agree to observe the same guidelines as students

Class Priorities

  • Our first priority is to serve students still holding paid registrations for spring/late-winter classes.
  • Students who already cancelled their spring registration will be offered the same spot again if there's room (in some cases there will not be room, owing to reduced class sizes).
  • New students wanting anything beyond a Puppy class will have to wait for the fall session (mid-/late September).
  • Members who originally paid for their registration with points will be asked to pay the member fee.

If You Were Enrolled in the Original Spring Session

We have attempted to contact all students who were registered in spring classes. If your class is not going to resume, or if you told us you did not wish to resume, or if we were unable to reach you, we have cancelled your registration and will issue a full refund. Refunds will come in the form of a check. Please allow until mid-July for all refunds to be processed.


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