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11/23/2020:  The points report has been updated through the end of the summer session. The current report has been posted to the Members area of the website (under Points).  Members, please check your totals.

11/4/2020: The November newsletter has been posted to the Members area of the website (under Newsletters).

10/29/2020:  There will be a virtual General Membership  meeting on Monday November 9 at 7pm. Instructions for logging in to the meeting are on the Meetings page.

10/23/2020:  The premium for the December agility trial has been posted to the Shows & Seminars page.

10/13/2020:  Fall classes are under way, and registration is closed. The next session of classes will likely begin in mid-January. Look for the schedule in the Classes area of the website in early/mid-December.

Reminder about Building Use

10/29/2020:  Just a reminder that when entering the building on the agility ring side, everyone should enter via the door just beyond the Handicapped Parking signs (formerly referred to as "the Puppy room door"). Exit via the garage door (formerly referred to as "the garage entrance"). This should be done not only during classes, but also during Open Training. If you need to come into the building on that side for any reason, you need to enter through "the Puppy room door" and exit through the "garage entrance." Please do not enter through the garage. We appreciate your cooperation in doing this.

In addition, please remember with the cooling temperatures that we need to wear dry shoes on the turf at all times. Dogs’ feet should also be dry. There are towels available for you to use or you can bring your own.

Crate Removal Notices

Crates must be removed by the end of classes on:

  • Wednesday December 9 (for the agility trial)

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