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Open Training Resuming (members only)

8/5/2020:  Limited open training has resumed, for members only. Members must sign UP ahead of time, then sign IN at the building.  More information and a link to the signup sheet can be found in Members area of the website, under Open Training.

Classes Resuming

A limited number of classes will resume the week of July 6.  A new session of classes will begin the week of September 21.


Changes to Other Events

July agility trial: cancelled, will return in 2021

July Top Dog obedience seminar: cancelled, to be rescheduled for 2021

AMCA agility trial: cancelled

August Freestyle event: cancelled, will return in 2021

September tracking test: cancelled, will return in  2021

For other events, visit the Shows & Seminars page

Just Posted

8/5/2020:  The August newsletter  has been posted to the Newsletters page of the Members area.  There will be NO General Membership  meeting in August.

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