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High In Trial Reports for July 2022 Trial

Here are all the individual reports. To translate the file names, it starts with the date, 7.23 is Saturday, 7.24 Sunday and 7.5 Monday. Then it says HIT for the 1st trial of the day and HIT2 is the second trial. Then the last three letter are for the level. Nov is Novice, Adv is Advanced, etc.

Technically, HIT is all four elements by level. HC - High Combined is all four elements by level plus Handler Discrimination, which we didn't have for Saturday and Sunday, just Monday. But the program we used figures all this out for us and it calculated HIT for Monday, even though we didn't do any Buried, nor did we have Excellent and Master Interior.  HC is High Combined is all the elements that we ran, plus Handler Discrimination. 

I have to highlight one team, though we didn't have all four elements for Monday, they did have all 3 Qs PLUS a Handler Discrimination Q in Novice.  Congratulations to Josie and Christine Fleischmann!  They are the only ones who did try everything and Q'd in everything!

So here are the reports. If you're a numbers person, you'll enjoy this.

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