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News FLASH: Winter Classes

1/12/2020:  Registration for Winter classes is is CLOSED. Spring classes will begin in mid/late March. Look for the schedule in mid-February.

The winter class schedule has been posted to the Current Classes page.

Given the likelihood of disruption due to COVID, the winter class session is planned for Orange Zone rules: no more than 10 people in the building at once, so only ONE class going on at a time. This means only two or three classes per night (versus the usual five to seven).

There will be a regular 8-week Puppy class, but everything else will operate on an abbreviated schedule: 4 weeks, with the option to extend on a week-by-week/pay-as-you-go basis as weather and COVID permit.

If pandemic conditions improve and building occupancy restrictions are lifted, we may be able to add additional evening classes on a “pop-up”/drop-in basis … but no promises!

Because there are so few classes on the schedule, enrollment for anything beyond Puppy will be restricted to members and non-member current students. Non-members should contact the Registrar for a registration code.

If you took a Puppy, Pre-Basic or Basic class in the fall, you are welcome to "move up" to one of the abbreviated follow-on classes listed on the schedule … but please understand that these will be maintenance classes: opportunities for you and your dog to practice and build on what you learned in the fall, but probably not enough to prepare you to move on to the next level in the spring.

When will the next set of classes begin?

COVID permitting, we will offer a more robust session of classes  in the spring (classes beginning mid-/late March, schedule to be posted mid-February).

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