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CRATE REMOVAL: Crates of those not entered in the event must be removed by the end of classes on the following dates:

  • Wednesday July 12 (SOTC agility trial)
  • Thursday August 10 (HONYASC show)
  • Wednesday August 30 (AMCA agility trial)

6/12/17: The summer class schedule has been uploaded to the Classes page. Classes begin the week of July 17. Registration opens Friday June 16.

6/6/17: The current newsletter has been uploaded to the Members page. The next General Membership meeting will be held on Tuesday June 13 at 7pm.

5/29/17: The Salt City Sock Hop! The flier for the August musical freestyle titling event has been posted to the Events page.

5/10/17: You can now use PayPal to pay for open training! Click here to find out how.

5/5/17: The premium for the July agility trial has been posted to the Events page. Entries open May 10 and close June 30.


The Syracuse Obedience Training Club, Inc. is an AKC-licensed obedience club and a New York State-registered 501(c)3 educational corporation (organized not-for-profit).

Founded in 1960 to teach people how to train their dogs, the club has over 200 members who have earned advanced titles in many areas. Our officers and key workers are all volunteers.

We conduct business, offer classes, and hold events at our training facility located at 6392 Deere Road in Syracuse, New York, near Carrier Circle.


The Deere Road training facility is open only for scheduled meetings, classes, or events -- not every day, and usually not during regular business hours. There's no mail delivery or telephone pickup at that address, either. So how do you get in touch with us? In one of two ways:

  • By U.S. mail: SOTC, Inc., PO Box 3457, Syracuse NY 13220

  • By e-mail (best method): Fill out the form below, choosing an option from the "subject" field, and the right person will get back to you.
* = required field

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