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SOTC offers classes in basic obedience as well as competition obedience, conformation, agility, freestyle, and flyball. We also have a Juniors Program and offer tracking lessons when the weather permits.

Classes generally run for 8 weeks and are offered four times a year (starting in January, April, July, and October), with Puppy classes starting more frequently (every four to six weeks) as needed.

You do not need to be a member of SOTC to take classes with us, and all dogs are welcome, mixed breeds as well as purebreds. However, we do not tolerate aggressive dogs in our classes, nor do we offer behavior modification for such dogs.


Winter classes will begin in mid-January, 2018. Priority registration opens on Monday December 11, general regisatraion on Saturday December 16.

Download the current schedule and registration form here:

► Current class schedule (PDF)
► Class registration form (PDF)

Students new to SOTC should also download these instructons:

► How to register (PDF)

Our classes fill quickly! For updates (what's full, what's new, what's cancelled, etc.), visit the Registrar's blog:

► SOTC class updates blog

If you have questions or need a paper copy of the registration packet mailed to you:

► Contact the Registrar

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Students must register by U.S. mail. Walk-ins or verbal registrations will not be accepted. To register, fill out the registration form and mail it with payment and a copy of your dog's shot records to the Registrar at the address printed on the form.

Use one form per dog per class. If you are registering for more than one class, write separate checks. Make checks payable to SOTC, Inc. There is a $20 bank fee for returned checks.

The number of students we can accept is limited by the availability of our volunteer instructors. Pre-Basic and Basic are very popular and fill quickly. Sign up early to avoid being closed out.

If the class you requested has filled, you will be notified and offered other options if available. Otherwise you will receive a confirmation via e-mail or U.S. mail about a week before your class starts.


Registrations received during the priority period (i.e. for the first four or five days after opening day) are treated according to priority: class openigns are allocated first to members of SOTC who are currently teaching/assisting, or did so during the previous session; second to other SOTC members; third to non-member current students; and then to non-member new students.

Registrations received after the priority period are treated on a first-come/first-served basis, regardless of member/non-member status.

Registration remains open until classes fill or start, although new students are strongly encouraged to register before Orientation.

JUNIOR HANDLERS (under age 18)

Children attending classes with their families must be at least 4 years of age. Children registering for any class as the primary trainer of the dog must be at least 10 years of age (and must attend a run-thru the first time he or she registers).


The following students must attend a run-thru to determine eligibility:

  • Students new to our classes registering for anything above the level of Basic (run-thrus are not required for those registering for Puppy, Pre-Basic, or Basic)
  • Children under the age of 18 registering for any class for the first time as the primary trainer of the dog
  • Students who do not meet the prerequisite listed for a class

If you need a run-thru, please so indicate on the registration form. Run-thrus are held only once per session (usually, but not always, on the Tuesday preceding the start of classes).


Any student new to SOTC is required to attend Orientation. Orientation is held only once per session (usually, but not always, on the Wednesday preceding the start of classes). This is an informational program designed for owners only. Do not bring your dog to Orientation.


You may cancel your enrollment by notifying the Registrar before your class starts and will receive a full refund of your class fee. There will be no refunds made, or credits given, after the first day of class. We reserve the right to cancel a class that does not generate enough interest and will return a full refund for that class upon its cancellation.

Classes are not held after 7pm on monthly meeting nights. Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Monday of odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.) and the 2nd Tuesday of even-numbered months (February, April, etc.) The schedule is posted on the Meetings page. If your class ends before 7pm on a meeting night, it will likely be held. Students are welcome to attend meetings.

Individual classes may be canceled/postponed in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Class cancellation/postponement policies will be provided at Orientation or your first class.


For entry-level obedience classes (Puppy, Pre-Basic, Basic), students with multiple dogs must enroll them in separate classes. For other obedience classes, a student may enroll two dogs in the same class only by permission, and only if another person is available to handle the second dog.

For agility classes, a student may run two dogs in one class only if the class has not filled by the end of the priority registration period.

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We offer three levels of introductory obedience: Puppy, Pre-Basic, and Basic. Classes have a maximum enrollment of eight dogs. The classes meet for 45 minutes once a week for eight weeks. Basic also includes a ninth meeting for Graduation. The fee is $100.

Which one should you take? It depends on the age of the dog:

PUPPY is for any puppy 12-20 weeks old on the first day of class, or in some cases for small breeds (under 20 lbs as adults) up to 6 months old.

PRE-BASIC is for those continuing from Puppy class or new to our program with a young dog too old for Puppy class (5 to 14 months of age).

BASIC is for those continuing from Pre-Basic or new to our program with an older dog (14 months of age and up).

Basic is the prerequisite for most of the other classes we offer, including Agility Foundations.

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► Contact the Flyball Team Coordinator

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► Contact the Juniors Program Coordinator

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We have a dedicated group of people who participate in tracking training and events. This group is happy to assist those interested in learning about various forms of scentwork on an informal basis. If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail the Tracking Group Coordinator.

► Contact the Tracking Group Coordinator

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